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The Smart Grow Box with
Uncompromising Features

Climate Assist

Protected climate inside. Odour controlled outside.

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Immersive Lighting

The most advanced multi-directional lighting system in the growbox market with 1.776 kW/m3

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Dual E-Glass Doors

Doors turns clear, or opaque to block outside light with the tap of a finger.

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Designed in Toronto

Mary is a Canadian homegrown success story. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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All prices in Canadian.

Smart Climate Assist

Creator of day and night,
spring and fall.

With built-in air conditioner, Mary helps maintain consistent temperature of the grow chamber while protecting the plant from outside contaminants. Mary also takes care of odour outside the grow chamber.

Immersive Lighting

Immersive, multi-directional lighting system.

Get the high yields in a small footprint by bathing your plant with light. Mary’s hololights deliver the ideal spectrum for each stage of growth. Unlike traditional hydroponic setups, the light source is positioned around your plant to expose as much surface area as possible to light resulting in a fuller plant and larger harvest. You’ll get the lighting equivalent of a sunny July day in California, while using less energy than a 70” LED TV.

Nutrient Packs

Bespoke for your basil or tomato. Or many others.

Pre-measured, species-specific nutrients for every stage of growth for your plant make feeding easy. Mary lets you know exactly what your plants needs, when it needs it taking all of the guesswork out of the equation. Pop one open; pour it in; throw it out. It’s that easy.

Automated Growing

The app that sets your growbox to autopilot.

You don’t need to know anything about growing. Just put in the seed or seedling, sit back and watch it grow. Mary has over a dozen sensors built-in to constantly monitor and analyze everything that is important to your plant's growth. Each time you grow, Mary learns how to produce a larger harvest in less time through learning from all other units in the community.

Dual E-Glass & External LEDs

Uncompromising design for your living room.

Dual E-glass turns clear with a tap of the button on your phone to show off your plant, or opaque to block out all the outside light and simulate natural nights for your plant to sleep. Mary’s multi-colour external LEDs are controlled from the smartphone app, allowing you to set your Mary to whichever colour fits your décor.

Developed and Built in Canada

Besides Mary being one of the most competively priced products on the market, all products are listed in Canadian dollars. That means it costs less for our U.S. clients, after conversion. With Mary being proudly built in Canada, we are leading the charge in the home grow box industry. That’s the true power of being true north strong and free.


All prices in Canadian.

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