Automated growing system with uncompromising design

  • Minimal effort

    Growing is made simple. Simply top up water and premeasured nutrients when prompted in the app, and Mary takes care of the rest.

  • Adaptive growing

    Each time you grow, Mary learns how to produce a larger harvest in less time through artificial intelligence.

  • Save money

    Super energy efficient. Mary is designed to cost as little in electricity as running a small appliance.

Automated Growing with Care

Sensors constantly monitor and analyze everything that is important to your plant's growth. Alerts and suggestions are sent through the app to help you give your plant everything it needs.

Measurement-free Nutrients

For each stage, Mary uses a specific nutrients formula. Just pop open and pour it empty. No measuring needed.

Zero Odour. Period.

Proprietary ventilation system with particulate filtering, activated charcoal, HEPA. Makes your air even fresher when it comes out.

Anytime, anywhere

Understand every aspect of your plant. 
Give your own twist. 
Make friends, or ask them to babysit.


Multi-directional LED system with precisely designed spectrum. As much light as a sunny July day in California.

Coolest Way to Show Off

Dual electrochromic doors turn clear when you want to see the plant, and block out all the light when the plant needs to sleep.

External LED Illumination + Nightlight

Light up your living space with 16.7 million colour options. Diffused nightlight give you the smoothest glow in the dark.


How big is Mary? Is it big enough to grow my herb?

Mary is 16*17*51 inches, or 40*44*130 cm. It may look compact in size, but it's equipped with technologies that take advantage of every corner of its growth chamber.

What can I grow in a Mary?

All kinds of vegetables and herbs! Cherry tomatoes, kale, chilli peppers are just a few examples.

Is it high maintenance?

Not at all! With its super energy efficient design, you only need to pay about $20 a month for electricity and nutrients. Understandably, the electricity bill depends on where you live. 

Does it smell when I grow?

We designed a proprietary air filtering/ventilation system, by integrating activated charcoal, HEPA, and roughing. Your air is even fresher when it comes out.

How many plants does it grow, and what do I need to do?

For best results and least effort, one plant. Other than filling up the water tank every two to three weeks, and pouring in our nutrients every week, nothing.

How much light does Mary provide?

To create the ultimate lighting condition for every surface of your plant, Mary's Hololights projects a precisely designed, three dimensional LED spectrum. One overhead, one on the back, and one bottom up. Every day throughout its entire lifespan, your plant absorbs as much light as a sunny July day in California.

When are you shipping? Am I free to cancel my order?

We are estimating December 2018. However, this is subject to change since we are allocating all our energy into making sure Mary is of top quality. You can cancel your order any time before shipping.

What's included in the package?

A fully assembled Mary, a set of nutrients for one cycle, and a set of filters.

Will my plants die if there’s an electric outage?

No. Most blackouts in North America are under 180 minutes, but your plant can survive as long as 12 hours in Mary.

Are seeds included?

No, seeds aren't included, because we can't tell if you want to grow tomatoes, kales, bananas, olive trees...