Beta Testing Program

Mary AG beta testing program. 

Did you know that we use beta testing to make the growing experience even better? Read more to find out how it works and how you can join the program. 



What is a beta test? 

A beta test is the final stage of development before a product is released to a larger user base. Software or hardware is tested during this phase to find as many issues or “bugs” as possible to make sure that problems are avoided upon release. It is also a great opportunity to gather user feedback from outside of our own staff to make sure we are building something better for you. 

At Mary AG, we beta test everything. 



Why do we beta test? 

Sometimes, during the last few steps of refinement, we need a little help in finding things that need fixing. For example, phone-specific issues, or tweaks based on specific plant types are easier to find with beta testers. However, it is much more than just finding issues. 

A big part of our beta testing process is to gather ideas of what works best for our growers. Some of our current growers have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to plant health and care. Others might be lacking some of that experience, and we want to know their needs. Through the beta testing process, we are able to gather this feedback and turn it into features that help all future growers, regardless of their experience. 

What have we tested so far? 

Our beta testing program started in 2019 with hardware and software testing for the initial release of the Mary Model Z. With the main structure of the hardware complete, and the basics of the software developed, our team was missing one last vital piece to the puzzle; user feedback. To solve this problem, we invited our first customers and Indiegogo backers to join our beta program and receive an advanced beta version of the Model Z. 

The feedback we received from our first beta growers was crucial to the refinement of the Model Z that is available today. Based on grower input, we made changes to make the app and grow data collection easier to understand and apply. Based on grow cycle data, we made some tweaks to the hardware for better heat management, and overall stability of the grow environment. 

What are we testing now? 

Testing continues today with the next version of the Mary companion app in beta tests with select users. During this current phase, we are testing new features that will give thorough grow reports, and access historical data. Better access to reporting and data will support growers in understanding how to achieve better yields in the future.     



Beyond just testing for a revamp of the Mary companion app, we have been testing a new grow plug, and plan to begin testing on a new nutrient formula later in October 2021. The aim of the new materials is to make the germination and growing process even easier for our Model Z owners. 

How can I join? 

Interested in helping out with testing? Simply send us a message through the Mary companion app and let us know that you would like to join. Feel free to ask us more about what is involved, or just drop us a line if you want to chat.